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Our Story

We launched Dorchester Pet Care & Supply in the spring of 2010 after discovering our Lab/Shepherd cross had a wheat allergy.  We researched the pet food industry and were shocked by what we found. Ingredients like corn, wheat, soy, cancer causing chemical preservatives, meat by-products were in common pet foods.  We knew we had to do something.


Our goal was to be different, with focus on proper pet nutrition for a long and healthy life.


We currently carry a wide variety of high quality foods that are affordable and meet our three prerequisites:

  1. Human grade Ingredients with meat as the first ingredient as part of a balanced diet..

  2. Locally sourced fresh ingredients from local farms in Canada & the US.

  3. Self manufactured in an ISO certified for human consumption facility. 

We take the time to get know and your pet so we can recommend the right food at the right price.  We offer free samples for you to try before you make a final decision.  We research our brands thoroughly to ensure they meet our high expectations.  We stand behind our products and will do what it takes to make you a satisfied customer.

What People Say About Us

We’ve been helping pet owners for over 8 years.  We have over 400 regular customers.  Here is a sample of what some of them have said about us:

"Jennifer will go above and beyond to meet your needs. She is the sweetest lady and over the last year or so that I have been going to her store, I have only grown to admire Jennifer and recommend her to everyone I know. I highly recommend checking out Dorchester Pet Care & Supply for your animal needs."

Amy Simpson, Dorchester, Ontario

"I met Jennifer at Dorchester Pet Care and Supply for the first time today. I had found two domestic rabbits that had been abandoned; I rescued them but sadly couldn't keep them. Jennifer happily took them in. She is a caring and wonderful woman who obviously loves animals,and is helpful and knowledgeable as well. She deserves our support, and I would highly recommend this shop."

Deborah Delany, Optometrist, London, Ontario 

"Always the best customer service. I knew after my first visit, this was the business for our family pets. Thank you for taking such great care of us with your carefully researched and sourced products and grooming services".

Carly Collins, Dorchester, Ontario

Leads leashes and collars

More About Us...

Have you ever looked at the pet food isles in a grocery store and just felt overwhelmed at the choices and wondered which one of these products is the best for my pet’s health and longevity?​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​That was us in the summer of 2009.  We had a Lab/Shepherd mix, Ella, that was continually chewing her paws and suffering from ear infections.  The vet said it was probably an allergic reaction to something outside and told us to give her some allergy medication until the first frost.  Well, the first frost came and there was no change.  We started doing research and were astounded by what we found.  The pet food company we trusted seemed to care more about profits and their shareholders than they did about our suffering Ella!  We found out that our Ella had a very common wheat allergy.  We changed her to a grain free food and she no longer had any issues.  The more we learned about the pet food industry, the more we were disgusted and decided that we needed to tell the world what was happening.  In the winter of 2009 we started to put the plans together for Dorchester Pet Care and Supply.  Our main stipulation is, "we wouldn't sell anything that we wouldn't give or use on our own pets"! 

We pride ourselves in taking the time to help confused and frustrated pet owners understand the basic nutritional needs of dogs, cats and small animals.  We show how switching to an all natural, holistic pet food is overall less expensive than grocery and big box store brands.   Only after a few weeks, most pets on the foods we sell demonstrate shinier coats, weight loss, whiter teeth, huge reduction in allergy symptoms, and display more energy and vitality!

​Located in the heart of Dorchester, Ontario, Dorchester Pet Care was started in the spring of 2010.  We are a family-run small business with a love of pets with focus on furry creatures like, dogs, cats, and small animals .  Our business promotes the health of your pet through proper nutrition.  We carry top quality pet foods, treats, and other supplies at competitive prices. Most of the foods we carry are not only Canadian made, but also the majority of the ingredients are Canadian sourced, usually from within 100 kilometers of the manufacturing facilities.  Companies like Horizon, Champion, Fromm and Rawz, have ISO certified for human consumption facilities that produce top quality pet food with only the best ingredients!  ​


Our friendly knowledgeable staff will help you make the right nutritional decision for your pet by taking the time to ask specific questions to better understand you pet's needs and requirements.

We also carry high quality treats from companies like Zukes, Honest Kitchen, Darford, and Old Mother Hubbard.  We also carry dog crates to leashes, toys, and grooming supplies

​We support our local Dorchester Dolphins AHL hockey team, Canine All Breed Pet Rescue and the local OSPCA.

We encourage you to spend some time on our  PET NUTRITION  page to learn more about pet food ingredients, the pet food industry and pet food ingredient sourcing. 

You can also sign up for our monthly  NEWS LETTER and ask you to LIKE us on our FACEBOOK PAGE to get the latest pet news, promotions, and events.

Feel free to call us or visit our store, we’d love to hear from you!

Well behaved furry 4 legged friends are always welcome!

Dorchester Pet Care supplies the following high quality pet food brands:  Acana, Fromm, Orijen, Wellness, Now, Go!

Everything You Need To Know About Pet Nutrition!

Dog - Cat - Small Animal - Bird - Fish

Pet Nutrition Experts - Family owned!

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